Controls and Rules:

Chromadice is a puzzle game where you try to keep the rising dice from passing the top of the screen. You can insert dice from either side of the board, as long as there is space in the row. Dice will slide over to make room, and they will fall if nothing is beneath them. Dice are removed after each move, once all dice are settled. Each die removes any adjacent dice of the preceding number (you can see the relationships in the upper right corner), and all dice are removed simultaneously.

To push a die onto the board, click to the left or right of the row you want to push it into. You will place the die currently shown on the queue, as seen above the board. Once you have used all the dice in the queue, a new row will rise up from the bottom and you will be given a new queue of dice. If the new row would push any dice off the top of the screen, it's game over.


MufinMcFlufin - Programming and design

AugusteTheClown - Art and design

Lexeria - Music and SFX


Download 17 MB

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